Wheat Sandal Closed Toe Sky Navy

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Cute pre-walker sandals with practical velcro closure. 

- Two velcro straps 

- Closed toe and heel

The Sky pre-walker sandal has two adjustable velcro straps across the foot and a closed heel that make them easy to step into and give them lots of adjustability for the perfect fit. It has a closed toe to offer some extra protection. 

Wheat’s pre-walkers are lightweight, flexible and comfortable for your child to wear and are made to protect the tiny feet, when they go off on their first adventures. 

This pre-walker sandal is made in natural leather tanned in LWG tanneries. To make sure that no toxic materials touch the skin, we have lined our sandals with chrome and metal free leather lining. The insoles are made with latex and covered with chrome and metal free tanned leather. Latex is a natural product that has a lot of bounce for more comfortable steps. The outsole is made of recycled TR, which is very light and offers great traction and flexibility.

They are perfect for the warmer spring and summer months, as they allow your child’s feet to breath without compromising on comfort.


  • 80% leather, 20% suede
  • Outer material: Natural leather and suede from LWG tanneries
  • Lining: Chrome and metal-free tanned leather
  • Insole: Soft latex insole covered with chrome and metal-free tanned leather
  • Outsole: Recycled TR rubber
  • Recommended allowance for growth: 1-1.5 cm
  • Remember to follow washing and user instructions
  • Remember to impregnate the sandals before use
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