Jellycat Perry Polar Bear 19 cm

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Christmas is a fantastic time, and it is there where togetherness, care, presence and security are really at the forefront.

We laugh together, we hug together and we give each other extra megt kærlighed.

Our home will be decorated as we ourselves want it, or will be decorated as we have always done it.

And as soon as the home is decorated, something magical happens to our mood and we smile big all over our faces.

Exactly that smile, the same one that appears when Jelly Christmas begins.

The whimsical, funny, warm-hearted and lovable Christmas teddies give us the extra Christmas joy.

And the most amazing thing is that they are not only loved by children, but to that extent also by adults.

A Jelly Christmas can therefore be described as a really happy Christmas!


  • 100% polyester
  • Can only be hand washed
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